Topic:  It Starts With The Vision:  Understanding the vision of a shopper will provide you the opportunity for the sale.

Paul will demonstrate how his firm turns top of funnel website traffic into sales without a salesperson. He will discuss the tools, the technology and “Right Message at Right Time Principal” that every business needs. It’s not about the price of your products or services, it’s about the value that you offer.

Paul is the COO of Potratz a firm in Schenectady, NY that works with businesses in the US, Canada and Copenhagen on creating Top Funnel Brand Strategies, Consumer Engagement Content on Websites and Social Media, and Sales Training.

He has been interviewed by CBS, New York Times, NY Post, and the Wall Street Journal about the strategies his firm of 50 Talented Whiz Guys and Girls create on a daily basis.

Paul is also a partner of Exit Gadget, Dealer Lead Driver and Creative 31. You can find Paul as the host of Think Tank Tuesday a weekly video podcast with over 140,000 subscribers.

You can also find Paul traveling the world speaking at conferences and sales seminars on the practices every business should be following to create Top Funnel Customer Engagement which Drives Lower Funnel Sales in any economy!