Writing original content and posting on a blog can be a terrific way to build a business, educate your customers and drive new revenue. The question then is how to get readers to find and enjoy your great content?

Using targeted email, combined with social media, to distribute your blog articles is an effective way to increase the visibility of your content and increase readership. The challenge with content marketing is that it is rather technical and uses a variety of web-based tools.

You will learn:

  1. How digital tools are used to build your audience.
  2. Where email and social media fit in today’s best marketing.
  3. The types of content and format of email/social posts that work.
  4. How to measure the success of email campaigns (and improve their results).
  5. How to get readers to take action.

Benefits of attending this class:

  1. Learn about current email and inbound marketing best practices.
  2. Gain insight into digital and content marketing in 2016.
  3. Ask all your questions about digital marketing.
  4. See how other digital tools can help build your audience marketing.

Speaker: Erik Bunaes, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert™ and Principal, Endorphin Advisors.