• Erin MillerLicensed Real Estate Salesperson & Free Lance Marketing

    How Inbound Marketing Can Increase Your Web Traffic and Conversions: Fill Your Sales Funnel
    -Step 1: Increase the amount of quality traffic brought in through well thought out content including blogs, premium offers, and social media support
    -Step 2: Build trust and stay top of mind with your leads through email marketing and additional premium material tailored to their interests.
    -Step 3: Turning trust into conversion – when to push the sale and how to make it happen

  • Deb Vincent EvansOwner, Blow Your Horn Communications

    Analyze This

    You’ve written a killer blog. You did your best to optimize it for SEO and you’ve shared it everywhere. But how do you know it’s good? The page has traffic!

    Not so fast there, partner.

    Traffic is one indicator of success. But there’s more. Much more.

    We all want content that drives traffic. But what do we really need? Content that converts. Content that engages the visitor and motivates them to do something. To move closer to our sales funnel. To become our customers.

    How do you know your content is really working for you? Data. And it’s right there, free for the gathering.

    Data, within the proper context, will provide you with plenty of useful, actionable information. Information that you can put to work tracking and tweaking your content so it works hard for your business needs.

    If just opening Google Analytics makes you break out in a cold sweat, this session is for you.

    You will learn:

    • It all starts with a goal – why goals and objectives are essential for managing results
    • The Top 5 measurements you must track for your blog.
    • When to use industry benchmarks and when to ignore them
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of social analytics
    • Beyond the traffic report – 3 awesome Google Analytics reports every content generator (that’s you!) should know.
  • Erik BunaesConstant Contact Authorized Local Expert(TM) and President, Endorphin Advisors

    Writing original content and posting on a blog can be a terrific way to build a business, educate your customers and drive new revenue. The question then is how to get readers to find and enjoy your great content?

    Using targeted email, combined with social media, to distribute your blog articles is an effective way to increase the visibility of your content and increase readership. The challenge with content marketing is that it is rather technical and uses a variety of web-based tools.

    You will learn:

    1. How digital tools are used to build your audience.
    2. Where email and social media fit in today’s best marketing.
    3. The types of content and format of email/social posts that work.
    4. How to measure the success of email campaigns (and improve their results).
    5. How to get readers to take action.

    Benefits of attending this class:

    1. Learn about current email and inbound marketing best practices.
    2. Gain insight into digital and content marketing in 2016.
    3. Ask all your questions about digital marketing.
    4. See how other digital tools can help build your audience marketing.

    Speaker: Erik Bunaes, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert™ and Principal, Endorphin Advisors.

  • Paul PotratzCOO, Potratz Advertising

    Topic:  It Starts With The Vision:  Understanding the vision of a shopper will provide you the opportunity for the sale.

    Paul will demonstrate how his firm turns top of funnel website traffic into sales without a salesperson. He will discuss the tools, the technology and “Right Message at Right Time Principal” that every business needs. It’s not about the price of your products or services, it’s about the value that you offer.

    Paul is the COO of Potratz a firm in Schenectady, NY that works with businesses in the US, Canada and Copenhagen on creating Top Funnel Brand Strategies, Consumer Engagement Content on Websites and Social Media, and Sales Training.

    He has been interviewed by CBS, New York Times, NY Post, and the Wall Street Journal about the strategies his firm of 50 Talented Whiz Guys and Girls create on a daily basis.

    Paul is also a partner of Exit Gadget, Dealer Lead Driver and Creative 31. You can find Paul as the host of Think Tank Tuesday a weekly video podcast with over 140,000 subscribers.

    You can also find Paul traveling the world speaking at conferences and sales seminars on the practices every business should be following to create Top Funnel Customer Engagement which Drives Lower Funnel Sales in any economy!

  • Max WalkerFounder of Windrush

    Topic:  Engaging readers through interactive content

    Max is going to talk about going from static text to interactive content using widely available tools, and without programming

    Max Walker is the CEO and Founder at Windrush. He is the force behind the long-term growth and strategy as well as the full stack developer who built Windrush from the ground up. Max worked as a web developer building sites for large companies (such as Windsor Foods), and social impact organizations (such as The Larry King Cardiac Foundation) before founding Windrush.

Darling, Diane - web (339x342)
  • Diane DarlingAuthor: The Networking Survival Guide

    Title: Where I get blog ideas and how to organize them

    Description: Ideas are everywhere … but not all of them are blog-worthy ideas. I’ll share where to get compelling content, why your spin on it matters, and ways to organize ideas. I’ll share a few tools, lessons learned, and also how to deal with cranky comments.

    Bio: Diane Darling knows the value of relationships and how to build them. The Boston based author of McGraw-Hill’s definitive book on networking, The Networking Survival Guide. Diane speaks and trains thousands of people each year on ways to build relationships, leading to opportunities and growth. She believes that now, more than ever, in today’s fast-paced competitive world, anyone can leapfrog their way to successful relationships once they master the art of networking.

Ryan Hanley
  • Ryan HanleyAuthor: Content Warfare:

    Title: A Practical Method for Small Business Content Marketing that Works

    Description: It’s easy to get confused by the jargon and buzzwords tossed around by Internet marketing rockstar ninja gurus. Using his own real-life experiencing in a local independent insurance agency, Ryan Hanley sets out a simple, but effective strategy for small business content marketing that works every time, for every business, in every industry.

    Bio: Ryan Hanley is the Vice President of Marketing for, Managing Editor of Agency Nation, a podcaster, speaker and author of Amazon bestseller, Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.

    P.S. Win the battle for attention online. Grab your copy of my new book Content Warfare on Amazon.

    Head of Marketing for
    Managing Editor of
    Learn more about Ryan:

  • Hudson Valley Community College

    HVCC is now offering certificate and A.A.S programs in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Marketing and more.   Learn more about the variety of certificate and degree programs offered at HVCC here.

  • Angela McFarlandOwner, The Ballston Journal

    Angela has taken a 190 year old community newspaper and created a digital presence that traditional publishers are still shaking their heads at.  The a high traffic, profitable online weekly community newspaper is Angela’s innovative brain child that will wow the wold when it grows up.